Automation of Recruitment process

Business Challenge
  • Process is not streamlined
  • Current process was manual
  • Would like to minimize the “non-brainy” aspect of the process

Solution Description

The Bot is used in Recruitment, it receive email’s from candidates and needs to download and save the resume attached to a specific folder. And once all the resumes gets downloaded it will search for the keywords(Recruiter need to provide the keywords) in the resume and updates the result to excel. Based on the Recruiter review with excel they will upload the Shortlisted candidates details to Google sheets. And once the Google sheet is updated by Recruiter it will send the email to all the candidates with interview invitation and if requires need to send a remainder email to candidates.

  • Process is streamlined
  • Eliminate manual efforts and leverage profile screening efforts elsewhere
  • Improved recruitment quality by keyword search
  • Savings of cost and FTE efforts
Talent acquisition – As Is Process

Profile scanning

Profile sorting
Talent acquisition Automation – Target process