Our Mission
To provide best in class RPA implementation services that: PARTNERS recommend to their customers, CLIENTS prefer for their implementation needs, EMPLOYEES are proud of, and INVESTORS seek long-term returns.
Our Vision
To be the best RPA Implementation service provider for our partners and clients. We strive to achieve this with our outstanding talented engineers, deep expertize in the technology and client centric approach.
Our Values
Customer: Focus on customer issues, invest in the relationships and stay relevant to their business by delivering ‘WOW’ experience

Quality: Ensure our deliverables are of highest quality and creating value to our customers and partners. Integrity: We ensure highest ethical standards and professionalism in all our actions. Innovation: Drive the culture of innovation through out of the box thinking, encouraging new ideas that challenge the status-quo and create open environment for change. People: Create mutually supportive environment for our employees with opportunity to learn, grow and excel.
Our value Proposition
We are a boutique Consulting and system integration services organization focused on RPA technology.

Our value proposition to market is defined by the following attributes:
  • Competency - We have built rich talent with experience on working with the leading brands like UiPath, AA and other niche vendors like AVO & Intellibuddies.
  • Capability - We offer better reach and coverage on RPA implementation across domains/platforms.
  • Unique domain expertise - We are one of the few companies out there with excellent background in applying RPA for Software testing and Automation needs.
  • Leadership - Excellent quality of the leadership with years of experience in Delivering complex projects in Digital Transformation across working with Fortune 500 clients.
  • Innovation - On the technology front, we have built Intelligent Automation framework to enable Test Automation right from Requirement validation to Reporting using Model Based Testing approach. The framework built on the disruptive concepts like Deep learning, AI and neural networks to enable regression automation, change management automation and low code Automated Test execution.