Robotic process Automation has emerged as a powerful Disruptive Digital Transformation agent, with the enterprises around the world embracing it as a means to Automate manual process and create a bridge to digital future.

The technology of RPA has evolved from Rule based User interface (UI) activity Automation to Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) enabled by AI/ML supporting self-healing and self-learning capabilities based on the historical data. Thereby, today’s Bots have the capability to look at the transaction and take informed decision to drive the given Automation activity. With advent of disruptive technology like deep learning and neural networks, the RPA fit Use cases are becoming endless involving the Automation of the business process in Front-office, middle-office and back-office process & Application stacks. Besides, also used for E2E Process automation cutting across all the n-tier stacks.

RPA is also used in Software Testing and Automation as RTA (Robotic Test Automation). They provide the tool harmonization solution to drive the automation of legacy, package, bespoke applications and SaaS Apps. Leading vendors like UiPath have separate Test suite to focus on test automation across customer channels – Web, Mobile, Api, Desktop.

Following video provides the glimpse of RPA technology and how it is applied for a specific Use case: