Property Management : Co-Working space

We have helped many leading brands in the coworking space in automating some of their front-end and back-end processes. Some of the use cases involve reconciliation of the agreement and customer data between their digital and manual agreements. Also, reconciliation of Billing and Agreement data.

The below solution flow outlines the Automation strategy and execution approach
DAV and BIV BOTS - Agreement and bill reconciliation solution flow.
Potential areas where RPA can be implemented

Use case


RPA Benefits

Reconciliation between Agreement vs Invoice & Updating Spacestation


Manual Validation prone errors resulting in loss of revenue, increased operating cost and bad customer experience


  • Highlights the difference in the amount
  • Reduction in Manual efforts
  • On-time for all the customers

Add-on Paper work & invoice


Delay in Updation of agreement and billing


  • No manual intervention required
  • 100% accuracy during the billing
  • More than 60% time can be saved

Capturing the missing details like GST, PAN, etc.,


Review each customer record and identify missing KYC data

  • Help in generating other reports like GST
  • Improved compliance
  • No manual intervention and offers scale