RI BOTS – AI Driven Recruitment sourcing Automation solution:

RPASOFT has developed AI Driven Recruitment Sourcing Process Automation solution called “Recruit intelligent Automation - RI-BOTS”. The RI BOTS provides fantastic support to recruiters in Automating the mundane activities as follows:

  • Reading the response from mails and extract the profiles based on the job description.
  • Read the profiles and prioritize the profiles automatically based on skill scoring against the JD skillset matching.
  • Share the prioritized profiles to Recruiter and send out the mails automatically to the priority list seeking additional details.
  • Read the mail responses automatically and extract the information to Recruiter
  • Automatically source the profiles based on the JD from leading Job sites and forums.

So, the recruiter is intervened only where needed and get engaged with right profile to close quickly reducing the TAT and manual efforts.

RI BOTS – Solution Overview
Recruitment Sourcing Automation Process

RI Bots-Virtual Recruitment Team concept note

The RI Bots design thinking is based on humanizing the Bot activities either to replace or support the Human efforts in a collaborative way. The intent of the design is to harmonize the Digital workforce comprising of Humans and Bots together to work seamlessly. The RIM gets the direction on profile sourcing from HR team with specific instructions on what process to be run under what order along with JD. RIM executes the instruction and provide report to HR team with all the insights and shortlisted profiles.