1. RPASOFT.AI is featured as TOP 10 RPA STARTUPS 2022 from CIO

RPASOFT is a pure-play RPA Technology services provider offering E2E services - Process consulting, Process Automation implementation, Product/Technical support, and Professional services to enterprise customers. We have partnerships with leading brands like UiPath and incubated competency on other brands like Automation Anywhere, WorkFusion, and AVO.


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2. COBOT - ICMR Upload Automation

RPASoft has launched COBOT – Our Healthcare Automation solution designed for Covid Testing labs to upload their Test Report automatically to ICMR Website.  The solution offers higher throughput, better accuracy and predictable Automation process to handle large volume of the Test reports. The solution mimics the Data entry operator wherein the Test Report data is validated first against the mandatory fields before uploading to ICMR. All variation during... READ MORE

3. Process Mining as enabler of RPA Automation adoption

What is process mining?

Process mining provides the fact-based insights into the processes based on the data stored in the corporate its Systems.

The following is an example of an Invoice process where we can see the difference between the expected process as designed on the left and actual process being used on the right recreated from the system data.

The process insights can be leveraged to plan for right Automatable process with... READ MORE

4. RPA - key enabler for growth in 2021

RPA will be a $1bn market in 2021 and we are seeing host of new entrants to the market with various degree of differentiation either on the technology side or on the vertical side as part of their entry strategy. It is equally gratifying to see some of the new RPA start-ups from India like Jiffy.ai focussed on Big data and AI Dynamics with vertical focus on Auto, Healthcare and... READ MORE

5. Continuous Testing approach using Bots

As Bots are making inroads into Software Testing due to their capability, the Automation landscape is slowly evolving from pure-play Traditional  Automation tools to Hybrid scenario where Bots are taking up more work in testing like Manual testing where traditional tools have not fared well before. Hence, the future scenario from Automation and DevOps perspective will have Hybrid Automation strategy involving bots and functional automation tools together orchestrated from single... READ MORE