Continuous Testing approach using Bots

As Bots are making inroads into Software Testing due to their capability, the Automation landscape is slowly evolving from pure-play Traditional  Automation tools to Hybrid scenario where Bots are taking up more work in testing like Manual testing where traditional tools have not fared well before. Hence, the future scenario from Automation and DevOps perspective will have Hybrid Automation strategy involving bots and functional automation tools together orchestrated from single CI/CD pipeline.

To support the Hybrid strategy, the question is can bots be integrated into CI engine like Jenkins to orchestrate bots and functional automation tools in a single-pipeline?

The answer is yes and infact, this could be an excellent strategy to drive Automation coverage eliminating manual and supporting test activities and focusing on E2E Automation along with functional automation.

The Hybrid Automation strategy using bots address the following challenges:

  • Address manual testing needed in CI/CD pipe-line
  • Consumerization of bots to support DevOps integration
  • Tool limitation for driving the Automation coverage

The proposed solution involves exposing bots as RestApi and integrate them to CI/CD pipeline offering the following benefits:

  • RPA reduces manual test FTE by 10 to 15%
  • Improves release cycle time due to integration of RPA automation into DevOps solution
  • End to End test management and traceability of test coverage into Project tracking