RPA Process Consulting

Delighting Leading Airlines Customer with RPA Business cases leading to multifold ROI

Problem Statement

Customer Business teams identified and prioritized unrealistic use cases for Robotics Process Automation (RPA) for the RPA Solution Provider, causing stress on committed delivery and customer confidence

Solution Approach

RPA Process Consultant as a bridge between Customer Business teams and RPA Solution Provider - to educate Business teams on RPA, enhance confidence, build relationship and help identify, prioritize right RPA use cases with maximum business value


  • RPA Use Cases for enhanced Productivity, Operational Efficiency and Avoidance of Revenues loss to the Airways
  • ROI of 1491%, valued at 4.5 M USD over 3 years, with just preliminary list of 7 RPA Use cases. (Ongoing Engagement)


Delayed Delivery with Complex Use Cases for RPA, decreasing customer confidence on RPA


Approved Business Cases valued at 4.5M USD net benefits over 3 years within few weeks of engagement, delighting Customer with true RPA experience